FGBI Music 1975-1977

Koinonia Class Song: Koinonia

Choir: Jehovah Jireh

Brian, Donna, Mark: Something In The Air

Choir: So We Thy People

Brian, Donna, Mark: The Joy Jesus Gives

Brian, Donna, Mark: Jesus Never Fails Medley

Jim, Jim, Danny: Right Under the Blood

Jim, Jim, Danny: Like I Know Him

Choir: In the Arms of Sweet Deliverance

Ken, Gary, Eddie: Give It All to Jesus

Choir: Theres a Whole Lot More

Gary, Shelley, Lois: He Paid a Debt

Choir: The Church Triumphant

Ken, Cam, Glen, Choir: The Lighthouse

Youth Choir: Walk In The Light

Choir: God Shall Wipe Away All Tears

Peggy, Shauna, Lori: Jesus Made a Believer Out of Me

Choir: Freedom Movement

Dennis P.: Praise His Holy Name